Night Owl Response to Covid-19

Night Owl Response to Covid-19
March 18, 2020 Night Owl National Contractors
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Materials Might Be Delayed or Back-Ordered

Because supply-chains are impacted around the world, please expect material and supplies to possibly be delayed and/or back-ordered.

For supplies already on-hand, these will not see any delay.

Work Schedules Might be Impacted

Night Owl National Contractors relies on a diverse group of employees to get work completed. This is especially true in labor.

We are monitoring our employees for signs of illness. For this reason, schedules of work could be impacted.

Occupied Units Will NOT be Entered

For the safety of tenants and our employees, Night Owl National Contractors will not be entering any occupied units on any property until further notice.

This non-entry order includes emergency work-orders.

As soon as this pandemic is behind us, we will enter units as needed and resume interior work.

Administration and Sales Available

Administration – If you have any questions regarding your open project, billing or other administrative issue, we are available for you. Please call 888.283.6303 during working ours to be connected to the answers you need.

Sales – If you require a proposal, additional work or have questions about your open bid, please call your Night Owl contact or 888.283.6303.